Company Ratings

Accredited Debt Relief

PROS / Accredited Debt Relief has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

CONS / Very aggressive sales floor, fees can be misleading, not available in all states.

OUR VERDICT / Accredited Debt Relief has earned accolades for its developed network of debt solutions partners, as well as for its customer reviews. ADR’s customers must have at least $10,000 in total debt, which means it leaves out quite a few people in need. Some customers have complained that the way the fee schedule is explained is misleading. For example, a client might be told 7 percent per year, but they would actually pay 21 percent if he or she is coming in under a three-year program. ARD works with customers in just 36 states.

Overall Score 54
  • Cost/Fees 38
  • Transparency/Disclosures/Compliance 50
  • Length in Business 63
  • BBB Rating 100
  • Accreditations (BBB, IAPDA, AFCC) 100
  • Web Site 75
  • Program Time Frame 43
  • Average Reduction after Fees 50
  • Up Front Fees 70
  • Number of States Available 33
  • Consumer Debt or Business Debt or Both 100
  • Minimum Debt Amount 67
  • Sales Pressure/Customer Service 0
  • Service In House or Out Source 0
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