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New Era Debt Solutions

PROS / New Era Debt Solutions has fees well below the industry average while it enjoys exceptionally high customer satisfaction ratings. New Era is an Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and zero complaints. All work is done in-house and there is no outsourcing. They are highly transparent which is hard to find in the debt settlement industry. New Era has been settling debt since 1999 which makes them one of the oldest and most experienced companies you can find. New Era is also unique in that there is no minimum debt amount required. Most other companies have a required minimum. Each client is assigned a Negotiator along with a Service Representative that will be with them throughout the time they are enrolled.

CONS / Not available in Iowa, Kansas, Maine, North and South Dakota, South Carolina and West Virginia.

OUR VERDICT / New Era Debt Solutions ranks at the top or near the top in almost every single rating category. As such when looking at New Era Debt Solutions from an overall point of view, they have earned our #1 position.

Overall Score 100
  • Cost/Fees 100
  • Transparency/Disclosures/Compliance 100
  • Length in Business 100
  • BBB Rating 100
  • Accreditations (BBB, IAPDA, AFCC) 100
  • Web Site 100
  • Program Time Frame 100
  • Average Reduction after Fees 100
  • Up Front Fees 100
  • Number of States Available 100
  • Consumer Debt or Business Debt or Both 100
  • Minimum Debt Amount 100
  • Sales Pressure/Customer Service 100
  • Service In House or Out Source 100
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